Sculpture and installation in progress materializing notions of data in aims to characterize data, it's ubiquity, materiality, physicality, vibrancy, immediacy, while responding to academic literature on contemporary digital theory. In particular, Synergic references post-humanism (Haraway, Braidotti), anthropocentrism, vibrant matter (Bennett), epigenetic sedimentation (Stiegler, Plato), exteriorization (Leroi-Gourhan), trope of immateriality (Casemajor) and actor network theory (Latour). The research entails in-depth readings of these digital theorists.

This upcoming spring, Synergic will be displayed at UCLA CNSI in conjunction with ARTSCI for a solo show. 


A guiding question: How would political responses to public problems change were we to take seriously the vitality of (nonhuman) bodies? By “vitality” I mean the capacity of things — edibles, commodities, storms, metals — not only to impede or block the will and designs of humans but also to act as quasi agents or forces with trajectories, propensities or tendencies of their own. My aspiration is to articulate a vibrant materiality that runs alongside the inside humans to see how analyses of political events might change if we gave the force of things more due.
— Jane Bennet, “Vibrant Matter” Preface

Tags:  #designresearch #installation